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Tips For Running A Solicitors Business in Southport

Following on from the success of our Running a Solicitors Business in Atrincham article, we have outlined a guide for running a solicitor business in Southport. Running your own solicitors business can be exciting and fill you with possibilities. However, it is important that you get your Southport Solicitors business off on the right foot. There are many aspects of running a solicitors business that you need to consider before you strike out on your own.

Know About The Paperwork

Running your own business means that there will be a lot of paperwork and for solicitors much of this will relate to compliance. There are also a number of forms that you need to fill out to ensure your business is able to trade at all. Paperwork for insurance also needs to be considered as well as all the billing and client paperwork you will have.

All About Location

Knowing where your business will be located is important before starting up. You can choose to work out of your home or in rented premises. If you are going to work from home you need to check if there are any restrictions on your area that could stop this. You might also have to get approval from your neighbours to have the business as the traffic to your property could affect them.

Once you know where you will be located you need to compare insurance which covers you and the clients who visit you. Southport business rates for essentials like utilities and internet should be considered as well.

The Type Of Company

When you start a Southport Solicitor business you have to decide if you will be a sole trader or register as a company. Most lawyers looking to start on their own will get some advice about this from an accountant. The different types of companies offer different benefits and you need to find the one that is right for your situation.

Your Software

It is easy to determine what hardware you need but you need to pay attention to the software as well. You need to have an accounting system that allows you to invoice your clients and keep track of what you need to bill them. There are a number of legal accounting systems on the market that you should look into.

You also need to consider any legal software that helps you manage your cases. Ideally, you would want a system that can link to the accounting system for easy billing. The legal management system you have should be secure and allow you to access your cases at any time on a range of devices.

Term And Conditions

Before you start getting clients you should write out your terms and conditions as well as your client care letters. If you are struggling with this most Law Societies will offer help in the way of booklets. You can also get help on their websites.

Have A Website

Even if you are a small one-person operation you need to have a website. If you don’t know about web design you can hire someone to create the site for you. Even a basic website will do as it allows people to find out more about you and see how they can contact you.